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Elephant Sanctuary Care Park

Half day tour

Morning OR Afternoon Visit—1,600 THB/person

Full day tour 1

One Day for Elephant Lovers—2400 THB/person

Full day tour 2

Elephant Care + Action—2400 THB/person

Good to know

During your visit to our small elephant conservation park you will not only learn a lot about elephants and their way of life, but you will also feed the elephants, play with them and even bathe with them. This way you will learn why it is important to protect them.

With your visit and the proceeds, you will help us care for the elephants, feed them, provide veterinary care and offer them land and infrastructure to live on.

We would like to give you an insight into how we keep the elephants close to nature. The natural needs of our elephants are always in the foreground.

Please feel welcome in our Elephant Sanctuary Care Park. We are looking forward to meeting you!


You wanted to book a tour? Do not hesitate to call one of our numbers on our contact page!